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Driver Shoots, Kills Other Driver in FW

Police suspect deadly gun violence shortly before 6am on Northeast 28th Street not random



    Surveillance video shows red GMC single-cab pick-up driving wrong way on Northeast 28th Street near North Riverside Drive. (Published Saturday, July 7, 2012)

    Just before 6:00am Saturday, Fort Worth resident Victor Solis heard gun shots.  Lots of them.

    "It was two rounds," said Solis.  "It was apparently four shots and then after a several second pause another round, a total of eight shots."

    Solis didn't have to go far to get a better idea of what led up to those shots.  He lives next door to his electronics repair business.  A surveillance camera caught a red GMC single-cab pick-up turning the wrong way onto Northeast 28th Street. 

    You can see the car back up out of camera range and see a red pick-up follow it.  This is when police say the pick-up truck driver shot and killed the other driver. 

    Police told NBC 5 this does not appear to be a random crime.

    Investigators spent more than six hours after the shooting, collecting video from local businesses to see if they could to get a better lead on the pick-up and its driver. 

    Solis says this isn't the first time he's called 9-1-1 to report gun violence. "Well to be honest, this happens maybe twice a month.  It's frequent unfortunately," says Solis.