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Dozens of Vandalized Vehicles in Carrollton

Search continues for alleged vandals caught on surveillance video



    Suspects could face felony charges for damaging nearly 90 vehicles. (Published Saturday, June 30, 2012)

    The owners of about 100 vehicles in Carrollton are dealing with the aftermath of a vandalism spree this weekend.

    On Sunday, Carrollton police told NBC 5 the vandals struck again Saturday night. There were 16 new reports of vandalism, including slashed tires.

    The first attacks started at about 3 a.m. Saturday after homeowners began reporting cars being egged in an area bordered by West Trinity Mills, North Josey and state Highway 121.

    However, police said the criminal mischief soon escalated to about 89 reports of car windows smashed, windows cracked, and more by Saturday afternoon.

    Dozens of Vandalized Vehicles In Carrollton

    [DFW] Dozens of Vandalized Vehicles In Carrollton
    Search continues for people caught on surveillance video.
    (Published Saturday, June 30, 2012)

    “This is more than kids being kids,” said Lt. Doug Mitchell of the Carrollton Police Department.
    “This really crossed a line.”

    Mitchell said part of the crime was caught on tape.  In surveillance video, police said a driver and at least two others appear to be driving in a white sedan, possibly a Toyota Corolla with a gold license plate frame.

    Mitchell said the young men in the car can be seen pulling up to a pick-up truck and smashing out its windows with what looks like a golf club.

    Carrollton’s Joseph Daigneault walked outside to the aftermath on Saturday morning.

    “I was pretty furious,” Daigneault said.  “They bashed out the windows, my girlfriend’s car had three windows bashed out. I had two. This one is completely gone, right here.”

    He estimated both cars saw hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in damages.

    Down the street, neighbor Liz DuBois had her car towed – but also heard estimates for her vehicle’s damage in a range between $500 and $1500.

    “I want to see them pay,” DuBois said, speaking about the vandals. “It’s not fair. They don’t stop to think of other people.”

    Carrollton police said two detectives have been working the case since early Saturday morning.

    The department is going through its dash cam video and sorting through license plate scanning data to see if the vehicle in the video can be identified.

    However, because of the mounting financial damages, Marshall said if arrested, the vandals could face felony charges.