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Dozens of Mailbox Plates Stolen in Colleyville



    Thieves Target Brass Mailbox Street Numbers

    Thieves have been targeting brass street numbered plates of mailboxes across North Texas. The thefts have been reported in Plano, Arlington, Southlake and Colleyville. (Published Friday, April 12, 2013)

    Nearly 70 Colleyville homes have been burglarized since February, according to Colleyville Police Department.

    Thieves have been stealing brass address plates and numbers off of mailboxes and selling them.
    "The suspects are probably cutting them up into pieces and then mixing them with other metals and selling them at scrap metal yards," said Captain Robert Hinton with the Colleyville Police Department.
    What can be even more frustrating for homeowners, said Hinton, is that it will cost them more to replace the stolen items than the thieves will actually get at a scrap metal yard.
    "The biggest challenge is that we have to catch them in the act. Once they’ve gotten away, it’s hard to track them to the scrap yards and track backwards," said Hinton.
    Other North Texas cities have experienced the same crimes but not to the extent that Colleyville has.
    Police encourage residents to report any suspicious activity to authorities.