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No Bodies Found in Rural Home After Tip From Psychic

Investigation turns to caller who claimed she was psychic



    Liberty County officials are searching for a tipster who claimed to be a psychic and said dozens of bodies are at a rural home after investigators did not find any evidence of a crime.

    Liberty County Sheriff's Office spokesman Capt. Rex Evans said Tuesday night that investigators did not find any bodies or evidence of any type of homicide after searching the home at the intersection of county roads 2049 and 2048 between Hardin and Daisetta.

    The sheriff's department initially said 25 to 30 bodies were found outside the home, KPRC-TV reported Tuesday afternoon.

    Evans said the investigation is now turning to the woman who called in the tip. Liberty County Judge Craig McNair earlier said that the tipster claimed to be a psychic.

    Psychic Tip Ends Up Leading to No Bodies

    [DFW] Psychic Tip Ends Up Leading to No Bodies
    Liberty County officials say no bodies were found at a rural home after a tip from a psychic.
    (Published Wednesday, June 8, 2011)

    "At this time, we haven't found anything to substantiate [the tip], however, the information that the person provided was very detailed and accurate. That's why we proceeded with our investigation in the manner that we did," Evans said.

    Evans said that some of the woman's information "specifically matched" what investigators found at the scene, including interior features of the home that he described as "very odd."

    "That would lend to us to believe that perhaps either she'd been in or knows someone who has been in this residence," he said. "...The information that we received -- even from the outside and going in to the inside -- matched the information that she gave."

    The tipster is not from Liberty County, and investigators have limited information about her, Evans said.

    He said investigators cannot find any information matching the name that the tipster provided. Investigators have a phone number but Evans declined to provide the area code of the number.

    Tipster Reportedly Claimed to Be Psychic

    McNair, the county's top elected official, said that the sheriff's department received a call Monday night from someone who claimed to be a psychic.

    The tipster said multiple bodies, some dismembered and some children, were at a rural house. Evans said the caller told investigators the remains of children were at the property.

    Deputies did not find anything during a quick search Monday. The caller contacted the sheriff's office again Tuesday morning and said deputies searched the wrong place.

    "We were in the general area, yes, but we did not come to this specific location, as this was not what was specifically indicated yesterday," Evans said. "However, today this is what was specifically indicated. The information that the caller provided matched information describing this particular location and contents and things that are inside the residence that matched what that individual had provided us."

    Evans said investigators did not find any indication of any other illegal activity at the home.

    McNair said the deputies found blood on the back door of the home and noticed a foul odor, prompting the search warrant.

    The smell apparently came from rotting garbage.

    McNair said the blood could be from a "fairly bloody" altercation or suicide attempt that occurred a couple of weeks ago.

    The property owner's wife said her daughter's former boyfriend tried to commit suicide at the home a couple of weeks ago, leaving blood on the porch and in the house.

    Police were called at the time of the incident and evidence of blood should have come as no surprise, she said.

    NBC DFW's Scott Gordon contributed to this report.