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Dead Dogs Tied to Tracks, Hit by Train



    Dead Dogs Tied to Tracks, Hit by Train

    A witness says he saw a group of teen boys tie two dogs to railroad tracks in Haltom City moments before a train ran over the animals Tuesday morning.

    According to Cpl. Joe Heckfield with the Haltom City Police Department, the witness  asked a resident to call the police and report what he had seen from a wooded area near the First Baptist Chruch of Fort Worth on the 5100 block of Northeast Loop 820.

    When officers arrived, the witness and teens had left the scene but they did find the remains of two dogs who had been struck by the train. The officers also spotted two other dogs walking around in the area.

    Animal Services captured the two remaining dogs and determined that the deceased animals were dead before they were run over by the train, but that they don't know how they died.

    Officials have not elaborated as to what led them to that conclusion.

    Additionally, Heckfield said there was no evidence to corroborate the witnesses claim that the dogs were tied up before they were run over.

    Officials are currently working to identify the witness and the two teens reported to have been at the scene.

    Investigators are also trying to find out if the dogs were strays or if they had owners who may be searching for a missing animal.

    Anyone with information is asked to contact the Haltom City Police Department at 817-222-7000.

    NBCDFW's Susy Solis contributed to this report.