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Does the Baby Moses Law Apply to Puppies?



    Eighteen puppies were abandoned behind fire station. (Published Tuesday, Sept. 14, 2010)

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    Members of Dallas Fire Rescue are accustomed to saving people from dangerous situations, but puppies? That is exactly what happened on Tuesday morning in Dallas at the fire station in the 4100 block of Frank Street in Fair Park.

    "We were cleaning up the station and went to take out the trash, and there was 18 puppies put in our dumpster," said Capt. Tim Ciganek with Dallas Fire Rescue.

    The firefighters were tipped off by a man walking by who said he heard a commotion by the dumpster. The animals were actually found next to the dumpster in a laundry basket and bag.

    "Saw a bunch of puppies, they were all dehydrated, hot, sitting in a bag on top of each other. We brought them in the station and gave them some water," said Ciganek.

    All of the puppies, except for one, were handed over to animal services to be checked out, but one got to stay behind. He is being adopted by one of the firefighters. Still, the people who are used to saving others, can't believe this could happen.

    "It's a little ridiculous that people will treat animals that way. Wish people would have more consideration for them than just throwing them in the dumpster and let them die," said Ciganek.

    The firefighters tell us the puppies were taken to Dallas Animal Services  at I30 and Westmoreland. Scott Walton with Dallas Animal Services tells, the older puppies should be up for adoption by Tuesday, September 21. The cost is $85 for the adoption and $7 for registration. But it will take a little while longer before the younger ones will be up for adoption.