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Doctor Billing Confusion Has Keller Woman Asking For Help



    Doctor Billing Confusion Has Keller Woman Asking For Help

    A Keller woman says her quick trip to the doctor turned into a billing headache, so she contacted NBC 5 Responds to help clear up the issue. (Published Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016)

    A Keller woman thought she had a pretty good grasp on her medical bills until she received her final bill in the mail and the numbers were more than she expected.

    Lou Marchant started feeling a really sharp pain in her side that she couldn't seem to get rid of, so she walked into Legacy ER and Urgent Care in Keller. After she was treated, she stopped by the front desk on her way out.

    "I asked them to print out a bill of what the charges were," she said.

    Marchant thought her insurance would pick up much of that charge and she would be left to pay a couple hundred dollars, but the bill that came weeks later was much bigger than she expected.

    "The bill was $4,325 and I still owed $1,420," she said. "I called Channel 5 News because I saw how successful you were with getting these kinds of things resolved."

    NBC 5 Responds went to work. We reached out to the clinic and they quickly addressed our concerns. They said the paperwork Marchant received was an estimate, which is not typically released because it can be confusing.

    "We were first made aware of this situation when NBC called for clarification," the clinic stated. "We immediately contacted the patient and worked out an amicable solution."

    Due to the confusion caused by the printout, the clinic took care of Marchant’s bill, leaving her with a balance of $0.

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