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Directions Lead to Altar, Maybe a Free Wedding

Chance meeting, failed setup prompt romance



    Directions Lead to Altar, Maybe a Free Wedding
    Today Show
    Shatera Kennedy and Marcus Allen are hoping to win a free wedding on NBC's Today Show.

    Most couples eventually end up in a similar situation, but Shatera Kennedy and Marcus Allen started their relationship with one giving directions to the other.

    It was a case of smitten at first sight, him, when Kennedy walked into a CVS store seeking the proper route from that point A to some point B unknown. He offered directions and a lunch invitation.

    She countered with an offer for him to join her at church, because she thought he’d be a good match for one of her friends, whom she also invited.

    That friend didn’t make it to the church on time, he again asked for a lunch date, she finally accepted, and the rest is pending nuptials history.

    The couple appeared on Monday's “Today Show” along with, well, some other less geographically appealing couples, and all are in the running to win a dream wedding from the show. Area residents can help Kennedy and Allen snag the prize by voting for them on The Today Show's Facebook page, or by texting “couple 3” — that’s them — to 622639.  

    But all voting must be done by noon Dallas time on Tuesday. No doubt you’ll receive an invitation to the wedding, which is cool, because you already gave them a gift.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He thinks newlyweds should go for all the gusto and lust-o they can get early because that sh… stuff don’t last.