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Detective's Daughter Urges Public to Help in Search for Morales



    Injured Officer's Daughter Calls Morales "Dangerous"

    The daughter of the detective attacked by Miami fugitive Alberto Morales, spoke out at a news conference on Friday pleading for the public's help in locating Morales. (Published Friday, Feb. 15, 2013)

    The only daughter of the Miami detective stabbed Monday when Alberto Morales escaped custody, pleaded for the public to help search for the fugitive Friday.

    Cristina Pardinas, daughter of Jaime Pardinas, did not take questions when she addressed the media at a news conference outside Parkland Hospital. 
    "On behalf of my father and my family we want to thank the Grapevine PD, Grapevine Fire Rescue, State Troopers, Dallas PD, US Marshals and the countless other law enforcement agencies that have helped my father as well as the incredible staff at Parkland Hospital. My dad is recovering well and expected to make a full recovery. Will be discharged soon. Alberto Morales is a dangerous man and he'll do anything he wants to get what he wants. I, as Jaime Pardinas only daughter and only child,  I urge the public to come forward before this man attacks and attempts to take someone else's loved one from them."
    Grapevine police say 30 to 50 North Texas officers, Miami officers, and state and federal agents continue a ground search within a few miles of the Walmart where Morales was last seen.