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Denton Police to Live-Tweet From the Field

Police spokesman to live-tweet while riding along with officers



    Denton Police Expand Social Media Presence

    The Denton Police Department is expanding its social media presence with live tweeting officers' action from the field. (Published Friday, March 1, 2013)

    Denton police will live-tweet their action from the field on Friday night.

    The department is expanding its reach into social media by hosting a tweet-along.

    Denton police spokesman Ryan Grelle will live-tweet while riding along with officers.

    Denton is one of several local departments to post most wanted photos and public updates on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

    Several residents said the tweet-along is an interesting idea but are not sure what effect it could have on fighting crime.

    "It could help, but the youth don't really listen very well to that stuff," Shawna Granger said.

    "Everybody's seen the 'Not A Cop' on Twitter, so everyone'll probably just think it's a joke anyways and just laugh it off," said Brandon Strother, referring to the parody accounts.

    But Grelle said the tweet-along isn't necessarily a crime-fighting tool or deterrent. The tweet-alongs serve as more of a way for the public to connect with their local police, ask questions and get a glimpse of what's happening in their community, he said.

    Grelle said anyone who wishes to participate should follow the department on Twitter. Denton police plan to hold tweet-alongs often, he said.

    Denton police will participate in a global tweet-along on March 22 with more than 80 departments from the United States and around the world.

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