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Denton County Cities Consider Urban Chickens

Denton also expected to vote on new chicken rules



    Changes to Chicken Laws for Some Denton County Towns?

    Flower Mound and Denton are considering changing their chicken laws so that there would be fewer restrictions when it comes to backyard chickens. (Published Monday, Sept. 17, 2012)

    Urban chickens are pecking their way into Denton County. Residents in Flower Mound and Denton want fewer restrictions on backyard chickens.

    The Flower Mound Town Council voted Monday night to allow up to four hens on lots less than one acre, as opposed to the old ordinance that limited chickens to residents with lots larger than an acre. Roosters are still not allowed.

    Residents who want the birds in their yards, such as Jennifer Paul, are excited about the move.

    "It's [chickens] just another animal," she said. "It's small. It's quiet, and they make good pets. Plus, you get eggs."

    Mark Glover has numerous hens in his yard.

    "There really is a trend across the U.S.," he said. "It's not going to stop. I think we will see a lot more cities go back to backyard chickens."

    The city of Denton is also considering new chicken rules.

    The Denton City Council is expected to vote on its new ordinance in the next few weeks.

    Councilman Dalton Gregory said Denton residents could have up to eight hens if it passes but they would have to register their birds first.

    "I think it [the new ordinance] provides adequate protection for neighbors who are not interested in chickens, who don't want smell and a lot of noise, but it does provide better opportunity for folks who are interested in having a small flock," he said.

    Denton's ordinance also would not allow residents to have roosters.