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Shootout in Kaufman County Leaves One Dead

Kaufman County Sheriff's Office says man fired weapon, threatened citizens before a shootout with deputies, troopers.



    Fatal Shootout in Kaufman County

    The small community of Frog is left stunned after a local man got into a shootout with deputies and troopers. (Published Saturday, April 27, 2013)

    A man was shot and killed Saturday morning in an exchange of gunfire with state troopers and Kaufman County Sheriff’s Deputies. It happened around 10:30 a.m. on County Road 316A in the community of Frog, which is eight miles east of Terrell.

    According to the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to a report of a man with a gun, firing the weapon and threatening citizens on County Road 316.

    DPS Trooper Kyle Bradford says the deceased suspect is Gabriel Winzer, 25, of Frog. Neighbors say he went by Gabe.

    Trooper Bradford says sheriff's deputies arrived first and Winzer fired at them. Bradford says deputies and troopers did not return fire at that time.

    Deadly Shootout in Kaufman County Leaves One Dead

    [DFW] Deadly Shootout in Kaufman County Leaves One Dead
    The small community of Frog is left stunned after a local man got into a shootout with deputies and troopers where he died.
    (Published Saturday, April 27, 2013)

    A chase began and officers pursued Winzer to his home on County Road 316A, that's where Bradford says he fired at officers a second time. Troopers and deputies returned fire hitting Winzer.

    While officers tried to take Winzer into custody his father had to be tased, according to DPS. The younger Winzer died a short time later at the scene as he was shot before officers could try to place him into custody.

    Residents of the small community all say they know Winzer and they’re all shocked by what happened Saturday morning, not understanding why he would have acted like he did.

    "Very shocking, it's out of his character for this to go on," said Helen Peterson, a 25 year resident of Frog. "Like I say, I don’t know what caused it or why, it's very hard to understand."

    Another neighbor told NBC 5 that Winzer had recently helped install cabinets in their home. They too were shocked at what transpired.

    "It's something that's just hard to understand," Peterson said. "I know there’s going to be lot of talking, sepculation. Instead of talking, pray for the family."

    Peterson said she heard police cars fly into her quiet neighborhood, where loud music might be the only thing she has to deal with from time to time. A short time later she said she heard a single shot.

    "It was just rapid gunfire after that," Peterson said. "I don’t know who fired first or whatever, I just know it was rapid gunfire after."

    A crime scene was taped off along County Road 316 as you enter Frog from Highway 80. Another crime scene, where the shootout took place is on County Road 316 A.

    DPS Trooper Bradford says that two officers did suffer superficial injuries. They weren't injured in the exchange of gunfire but rather trying to take Winzer or his father into custody. Both officers are fine, one suffered a minor hand injury.

    The Texas Rangers are leading the investigation into the shooting.