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Deadly Jet Ski Crash at Joe Pool Lake



    A man is dead after his jet ski collided with another one on Joe Pool Lake on Monday. (Published Monday, May 26, 2014)

    A man is dead after two jet skis collided at Joe Pool Lake.

    It happened around 5:30 Monday evening at Lynn Creek Park, near the intersection of Mansfield Road, Highway 360 and Lynn Creek Parkway in Grand Prairie.

    A man and a woman were on each jet ski, including 42-year-old Wayne Story of Irving, according to authorities.

    Story was driving one of the jet skis, when he was t-boned by a couple of friends on another jet ski.

    Officers said there were not a lot of witnesses out on the water, except for an off-duty Dallas firefighter, who, along with his family, jumped in to help.

    “They stopped, got the victim out of the water, got him into the boat. "He was doing CPR, while his wife drove him over here to the dock,” said Grand Prairie Assistant Fire Chief Bill Murphy.

    It was there first responders took over and rushed him to a nearby hospital.

    Story was pronounced dead shortly after.

    “It was the traumatic injuries that killed him,” said Murphy, “If you sit out here and watch them, they’re all 30-35 miles (an hour) out here.”

    Murphy added that the firefighter had just undergone lake training for these types of situations.

    “He stopped and tried to do the best he could for this person and we really appreciate that,” said Murphy.

    Authorities don’t believe alcohol was a factor in the crash and charges are not expected, at least at this time.

    This is the second fatality on the lake this season.