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Day Care Worker Accused of Breaking 2-Year-Old's Arm

Police say employee lifted boy off the ground



    Day Care Worker Accused of Breaking 2-Year-Old's Arm

    A day care worker accused of injuring a 2-year-old boy has been fired and faces charges.

    Kristen Bissonnet, the boy's mother, said her son came home from the Lighthouse Private School in Rockwall on Dec. 7 with a dislocated arm and fractured radius.

    Police arrested Crystal Crowsey on Dec. 20. She faces a charge of injury to a child.

    “The child was lifted off the ground,” Sgt. Ray Fitzwater said. “The witness who was there that observed it said they could see the child’s feet off of the ground, and in that action, that movement, is what dislocated the elbow and then fractured the radius.”

    Bissonnet said her son came home from day care in severe pain. She said was initially told her son fell, but Rockwall police discovered a different story the next day.

    “I don’t think any child should have to go through something like this,” Bissonnet said. “As a parent, this is my worst nightmare. Somebody hurt my baby.”

    The Lighthouse Private School said the incident was the first time anything like it had ever happened at the school.

    The day care said Crowsey was terminated as soon as it was alerted of the incident.

    The school's video recording equipment was not working at the time, but the facility has corrected the issue.

    Bissonnet said her son is frightened to go to day care.

    "He's had nightmares," she said. "He's timid, he doesn't want to go to school, he doesn't want his brother to go to elementary, he doesn' t want to be left alone. I can just tell, you know, it was a lot for him to go through."

    The Lighthouse Private School has paid for her son's medical bills so far.

    Crowsey was arrested in Kaufman County on Dec. 20. She was released on a bond of $100,000.

    The case has been forwarded to the Rockwall County Court for prosecution.

    “It’s a first-degree felony, so she’s facing substantial prison time if she’s found guilty,” Fitzwater said.