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Dash Cam Video Gives New View of Hurst Teen Arrest

Minutes leading up to struggle documented in police video



    Hurst Police Release Dash Cam Video of Arrest

    Hurst police have released dashboard camera video from the controversial arrest of a 17-year-old. (Published Thursday, Nov. 29, 2012)

    Video from the dashboard of a Hurst police car sheds new light on the controversial arrest of a teenager that led to an officer's suspension.

    The video, which police released Thursday, shows that 17-year-old Andrew Rodriguez argued with Officer Miguel Jimenez when Jimenez told him he was under arrest and to put down his cellphone.

    A previous video that Rodriguez's friend shot on a cellphone begins with the struggle that followed.

    The police video shows that Rodriguez called his mother when Jimenez tried to arrest him.

    Teen Files Complaint in Hurst Officer Video

    [DFW] Teen Files Complaint in Hurst Officer Video
    The family of Andrew Rodriguez filed a complaint against the Hurst police officer they say used excessive force violating the teen's civil rights in a video posted on YouTube.
    (Published Wednesday, Nov. 28, 2012)

    "You want me to take the phone from you or you want to hang it up?" the officer asked.

    "You are not going to take it," Rodriguez replied.

    "I'm going to take it," Jimenez answered. "I guarantee you I am going to take it."

    Hurst Police Release Evaluations of Officer

    [DFW] Hurst Police Release Evaluations of Officer
    Evaluations of the officer seen on a YouTube video threatening a teenager and kneeing him in the head during an arrest paint a picture of a hard-working officer who has done a good job of catching drunken drivers and helping crime victims.
    (Published Tuesday, Nov. 27, 2012)

    Rodriguez can be heard having a brief conversation with his mother.

    "I'm at the park, and this cop is harassing me," he said.

    At that point, Jimenez apparently grabbed Rodriguez.

    "Don't touch me, dog," Rodriguez is heard telling the officer.

    Another teenager started taking pictures with his cellphone.

    That video, posted on YouTube, stirred a controversy when a second officer, Disraeli Arnold, showed up to assist Jimenez. Arnold is seen on that video jumping on Rodriguez and unleashing a rash of obscenities.

    "Move and die," Arnold said.

    Arnold has been suspended while the police department investigates.

    Rodriguez is charged with resisting arrest. He said he will plead not guilty.