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Darth Vader, Chewbacca Attend Carrollton Church



    A Carrollton church has gone Hollywood. Freedom Life Church is putting on a summer series called "God at the Movies" and on Sunday even Darth Vader attended church.

    You know it's not your typical Sunday service when Anakin Skywalker greets you at the door and inside the lobby, Chewbacca, Darth Vader, and other characters from Star Wars pose on the red carpet.

    "It's a little unusual. Never gone to church dressed in a costume," said Chris Collins, a church member dressed as Chewbacca.

    The children were mesmerized as they walked into church. Plenty of people snapped pictures and interacted with the costumed characters.

    God at the Movies

    [DFW] God at the Movies
    Freedom Life Church has gone Hollywood with an attention-grabbing sermon series.
    (Published Sunday, July 17, 2011)

    "We're trying to serve and gain people to the Lord," said Paul Dorn, a church member dressed as Darth Vader.

    Lead Pastor Kendall Bridges is using theatrics and light sabers while preaching on stage so kids and adults are more likely to remember the message.

    "When the chancellor is trying to tempt Anakin into coming over to the dark side and how every one of us deals with temptation every day of our lives and how we can learn to overcome temptation," said Bridges. "I guess I'm really kind of a kid at heart, so yeah, I'm probably enjoying this more than they are."

    One 10-year-old, with the wisdom of Yoda, already understands the theme.

    "Adam and Eve, for the devil tempting them into eating the fruits," said David Lott.

    In past weeks, the sermons have centered around other movies, like Pirates of the Caribbean and X-Men.

    "I think it's great to see how you can take something that's supposed to be secular and draw messages that are inspirational and about God," said church member Sheila Lott.

    Not everyone is a fan of "God at the Movies," but the pastor says attendance has been higher during this series than ever before.