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Dallas World War II Veterans Remember V-J Day

Commemorating 67th anniversary of end of fighting in Japan



    Celebrating the End of WWII

    67 years ago Tuesday, Americans celebrated the end of World War II, and in Dallas the Daughters of WWII honored vets and their legacy. (Published Tuesday, Aug. 14, 2012)

    The Frontier of Flight Museum commemorated V-J Day, the day fighting with Japan during World War II ended 67 years ago.

    More than 600 people, including 170 World War II veterans, attended Tuesday's program.

    "I think it makes us appreciate what happened in World War II, how it happened there and what these people [did]," said Robby Campbell, a World War II veteran.

    Lt. Fiske Hanley, a World War II veteran and former Japanese prisoner of war, and Bob Nagase, a former Japanese kamikaze pilot, were once enemies, but are now friends.

    "We became friends. He told me that his home was burned down, and it just so happened that I was part of the fire raid that time," Hanley said.

    The two spoke at the museum's program, which was put together by Daughters of World War II, an organization that honors World War II vets and preserves their legacy.

    "It's a very important story to tell, because we're losing these men and women from that greatest generation about a thousand a day, and once these men are gone, the stories are gone," said Laura Leppert, president of the organization.