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Volunteers Help Clean Up Dallas Ice Storm Debris

Tools at the ready, volunteers from Texas, New Mexico and Mississippi loaded up out of the Texas Baptist Men's disaster relief center this morning in Dallas, with their eyes set on cleaning up debris left over from last week's ice storm.

TBM usually helps with tornadoes and hail, but this time, even though this storm was a bit tamer, ice still left its mark.

"You hear about the big, natural disasters, but also, these are small, personal disasters," said Stephanie Midkiff, spokesperson for the Texas Baptist Men group. "It could make a huge difference in one family's life."

About 60 volunteers were there to help those who can't help themselves -- many elderly and disabled folks who aren't able to physically do the work or can't afford it.

The group has received over 150 requests for help since the storm. They'll help all they can at no cost.

"These folks had broken limbs, downed trees in their yard, they either couldn't physically move them or couldn't even get out of their house," Midkiff said.

Chainsaw teams have already been working in areas like Rockwall and Waxahachie and will continue to work where there's a need.