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Dallas Public Pools Open; Swimmers Enjoy Renovations



    Nearly two dozen city pools are open for the summer, including an indoor one. (Published Saturday, June 4, 2011)

    Nearly two dozen public swimming pools opened Saturday across Dallas. Most pools are outdoors, but one indoor pool that's received a huge makeover is drawing more people than ever before.

    The Bachman Indoor Pool now draws four times as many visitors as it did before its $1.2 million facelift. Children and adults use it for swimming and kayaking.

    The old pool and hot tub were torn out, and new ones put in.

    "I like how the pool deck is really nice and soft compared to most pools that have the gravel-like effect," said Marie Holl, a 16-year-old kayaker from Rowlett. "All I can say is I'm a lot more refreshed than those golfers or anyone playing on the asphalt."

    The pool once catered to people with disabilities but it's now also open to those without disabilities. The city has added a lot of new accessories like flippers and kickboards, so people don't have to bring their own.

    "It's relaxing and it's a great day for the family," said Cinnamon Geddie, of Burleson. "That's a lot of fun. I mean, anytime you give a kid a toy, it's great, right?"

    The water is not as harsh now, because less chlorine is being used. But it's supposed to be safer. The city has put in a UV light filtration system to kill most waterborne bacteria, like E. Coli and Cryptosporidium.

    "That's great because, I don't know about other people, but I really don't want to get sick," said Ryan Geddie, a 10-year-old amputee who lost his foot as a baby.

    The handicap entrance ramp in the pool used to be plastic and shaky but now it's built in and sturdy.
    "So people can just come in a lot without having to use a wheelchair, without having to use help as much," said lifeguard Mike Mitchell.

    The upgrades to the pool were paid for with bonds.