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Dallas Police Searching for Surviving Family of Historic Officer

Woman is also believed to be the first female captain in the country



    Dallas Police Searching for Surviving Family of Historic Officer
    Dallas Police Department
    Photos supplied by the DPD of Capt. Eva Farley.

    The Dallas Police Department hopes to hold a ceremony honoring the city's first female police captain, but first they need to find her surviving family.

    Capt. Eva Farley became the first commissioned female officer to be hired by the Dallas Police Department on Feb. 22, 1896. According to police, Farley is also the first woman in the country to receive the rank of captain.

    Before a dedication ceremony can be held in her honor the department needs to find her surviving family, many of whom are believed to still be living in North Texas.

    The department shared the following information about Farley with the media in hopes that by putting the word out they would hear back from her descendants.

    "Mrs. Farley moved from Mississippi to Texas some time around 1870.  She married John or Jack Farley on Oct. 23, 1889 and lived in Denison with Jack and her son Frank Brown. We believe her maiden name may have been Cureton. Records show that her husband passed away sometime between 1900 and 1910. It appears that in 1920 she married John Hubner and may have moved to Los Angles, Calif. If that record is correct, Farley passed away in 1943."

    Police said she was also known as Mrs. J.J. Farley.

    The department said "Farley was very active and contributed much to the community.  We believe that she may have surviving relatives in the North Texas or Grayson County area.  If there is anyone who knows of Farley, or any associates of her family, you are encouraged to contact the Police Media Relations Office at 214-671-4065."