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Dallas Police Search for Thieves Caught on Surveillance Video



    Dallas Police Search for Thieves Caught on Surveillance Video
    Surveillance Video

    Dallas police are searching for at least two people after two businesses were broken into on Sunday.

    The theft happened at about 7:30 a.m. along the 2000 block of Wycliff Avenue.

    Surveillance cameras at Sal’s Pizzeria captured the thieves on video, after police said the duo first broke into neighboring Oiishi Restaurant's front door.

    “It was totally thought out," said Amy Jakova, co-owner of Sal’s Pizzeria. "Every other time it was a smash and grab."

    A cash register, laptop and television were stolen, police said.

    The thieves broke through one of the walls at Oiishi Restaurant, into an empty storefront, then through a Sal’s Pizzeria wall, police said.

    Once inside the pizzeria, the suspects are seen on video pushing back a refrigerator and heading toward the cash register.

    The thieves were dressed in blue from head to toe, according to surveillance footage.

    The suspects were caught on video as they tried to destroy the surveillance system on their way out.

    Cameras captured the thieves loading up the stolen items into a minivan.

    “This was honestly the worst break-in we've ever had,” Jakova said.

    It’s taken the last two days to repair the damage.

    “It took me all day yesterday, all day today, to get everybody out here to get us back up,” said Jakova. “Just to get back to normal, and we just got through a year ago, getting back to normal.”

    Both restaurants have recently rebuilt after sustaining serious damage from a fire back in December 2012.

    The Dallas Police Department is asking anyone with information to contact authorities.