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Dallas Police Launch Operation Car Wash



    Dallas Police Launch Operation Car Wash
    After the mudslinging, what could be better than a free car wash?

    Dallas police are cracking down on crime at self-service car washes in the Oak Cliff and Fair Park sections of the city. 

    Many car wash owners support "Operation Car Wash" and have already signed affidavits giving police the right to write trespass citations to miscreants on their property.

    "The community is currently being held hostage because of the over endurance of hanging out and other illegal activities at these car washes," he said.

    Caraway said he realizes police have cracked down on car washes before, but this time he said the police have a detailed battle plan using all kinds of investigative techniques. 

    Lakisha Rolen, who lives and works in the area, said she is glad to see more police involvement.

    "On a family day to look over and see all this stuff going on it's ridiculous," said Rolen.  "It's time, it's been time, it's long overdo."

    Police said they need the neighbor residents' support to win the battle. There isn't a timetable to complete the crackdown, police said.