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Dallas DA Candidate’s Tired of Petty Crimes

His, wife’s tires targeted



    Dallas DA Candidate’s Tired of Petty Crimes
    Jonathan Neerman
    Danny Clancy's car, up on blocks, in his driveway.

    Dallas County District Attorney challenger Danny Clancy, Republican, and his family probably belong to AAA by now if they didn’t already.

    Clancy, according to police and media reports, walked out of his house Thursday morning to find his SUV up on blocks because somebody jacked his tires. The tires on his wife’s car, she happens to be a municipal court judge, were slashed or punctured three times toward the end of September.

    All this leading up to the November election that pits Clancy against incumbent Dallas DA Craig Watkins, Democrat.

    Hmmm, coincidence or conspiracy, and if the latter, who’s behind it. Come to think of it, if it’s the former, who’s behind it?

    Both sides of the race kind of blame the other.

    “These four attacks on the Clancy family seem terribly suspicious with an election in less than 30 days,” Jonathan Neerman, Dallas County GOP chairman, said.

    Watkins' campaign, according to the Dallas Morning News, characterized the tire theft as a "desperate political stunt."

    What benefit, though, would either side gain from perpetrating the incidents? Clancy says, “Ooo, I’m so mad, if elected I’m gonna get these guys and prosecute them right off the streets”? Watkins says, “Ooo, lookie there, my opponent can’t take care of his own house”?

    I’m going with coincidence on this one.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He was in Cleveland at the time the tires were jacked. Swear.