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Dallas County Implements Outdoor Burn Ban



    Dallas County Implements Outdoor Burn Ban
    Dallas County's burn ban may snuff out your sparklers before you even get them lit.

    Dallas County has implemented a 90-day outdoor burn ban due to drought conditions that have created a higher potential for wildfires.

    "In a County-wide survey of unincorporated areas the vegetation has become very dry and dangerous. While the wild land fire activity in Dallas County has been very minor and does not yet meet the normal criteria for instituting a burn ban, the State of Texas has issued a State of Disaster Declaration under Section 418.015 of the Code, and requested that all counties who have not yet issued burn bans do so," the Dallas County Commissioners Court said in a news release Tuesday.

    The court said Dallas County is shown to have a score of 500 on the Keetch-Byram Drought index, placing the area under moderate drought levels. But, with no predictions for rain in the immediate future, the Texas Forestry Service said the potential for wild land fires is greatly increased.

    Under the 90-day ban, residents are prohibited from open-acre fires and burning trash.  There are exceptions to these rules, one being that you can still burn trash if you live somewhere that does not have waste removal services and if you meet other residency requirements.  Fireworks will be permitted in unincorporated areas of Dallas County as long as you have permission from the land owner. *Correction: A news release from Dallas County previously indicated that all citizens would need a permit to fire off fireworks.  That was an error.  You only need a permit to sell fireworks.

    Still allowed are campfires and barbequeing as long as the outdoor cooking takes place in devices are designed to prevent embers from escaping and creating a fire danger.