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Dallas Council Committee to Weigh in on Plastic Bag Ban



    Dallas Considers Plastic Bag Ban

    The full Dallas City Council will debate a ban on plastic bags. At least one city councilman says it'll make the city cleaner and save you money in the process. (Published Monday, June 10, 2013)

    A proposed ban on plastic bags, commonly used at retail stores, will get another look at a Dallas City Council committee meeting Monday.

    Monday's 9:30 a.m. presentation in front of the Quality of Life Committee will not be a final decision on the issue, but will update council members on the feasibility of the plan.

    A draft version of an ordinance that could wind up in front of council members would ban the use of "single-use carryout bags."

    Other Texas cities, like Austin, Brownsville and South Padre Island, already have bans in place. Those cities are being used as examples for the proposed ordinance in Dallas.

    Voluntary efforts to reduce plastic bag usage isn't working, according to the presentation in front of the council.

    City staff said there are five options, including banning the bags, continuing voluntary bag reduction programs, making the reduction program required for grocery stores, implementing a fee for single-use bags and performing a study about litter in the city to determine if the bags are really a problem.

    The proposed draft of the ordinance makes a violation include a possible fine of up to $500.