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Proposed Dallas Budget Is Depressing As Expected

Water is such an extravagance, really



    Proposed Dallas Budget Is Depressing As Expected
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    Dallas fairs well in a new Brookings Institution study looking at how U.S. cities are coming back from the economic downturn.

    The freshly proposed Dallas City Budget is out now and posted on the internet for everyone to see just how emaciated it really is.

    Most programs have at least marginal trims while a lot of programs have increased funding (e.g., Crisis Assistance up from $413,042 to $440,328 and 911 Fire Rescue up from $2,162,091 to $5,141,993.) However, they’re going to need it when people forget how to prevent fires (Fire Prevention Investigation and Education 08-09: $6,432,449, and 09-10: $5,310,104).

    Dallas Field Patrol will also wisely not get cut: up from $182,366,876 in 08-09 to $190,202,511 now.

    Arts funding will also unsurprisingly recede. Let’s hope arts district garages don’t collapse: $1,186,944 in 08-09, to $219,677.

    You can breathe a sigh of relief though knowing that your taxes will still get collected, even more expeditiously than in the year past. Dallas County Tax Collection: $534,179 in 08-09, $542,379 in 09-10.

    The Mayor is still asking divisions to cut more toward the marrow of the city’s operating budget. Citizens still have time to peruse this year’s proposed budget and make it to the first of a series of town hall meetings tonight to discuss any issues. Although if they want to see increased funding anywhere, they will probably have to donate the money themselves.

    Holly LaFon has written and worked for various local publications including D Magazine and Examiner.