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Dallas Minister Makes Impact at Box Office

"Jumping The Broom" a box office success with Dallas Ties



    Dallas minister T.D. Jakes is making a big splash at the box office with his latest film, "Jumping The Broom."  

    In it's second weekend in theaters and already topping the movie charts.  Curtis Wallace co-produced "Jumping The Broom" with Bishop Jakes and says the story is about two people in love from two different socio-economic backgrounds.

    "The whole Uptown versus Downtown. You have Jason raised by single mother who works at Post Office and Sabrina the daughter of a family that lives on Martha's Vineyard," says Wallace.

    When two people from different backgrounds plan to marry, the film shows how the two worlds collide. Wallace says it's a recipe for movie magic, as the film cost under 7 million to make and has already made a big splash at the box office.

    Dallas Based Minister Makes Impact at Box Office

    [DFW] Dallas Based Minister Makes Impact at Box Office
    Bishop TD Jakes is using his locally-based production company to make an impact at the box office with "Jumping the Broom."
    (Published Sunday, May 15, 2011)

    "We did $15.2 million our opening weekend we were the number three movie in the country -- we were the number one comedy," says Wallace.

    Bishop Jakes production company, TDJ Films, says it hopes to inspire its audience by have a predominately Black cast, studio executive and creative team. Jakes even has a role in "Jumping the Broom," which is titled to reflect an old saying in the African-American community.

    "Slaves weren't allowed to formally marry, so to symbolize their union, to symbolize the fact that these two people were committed to each other, they would jump a broom and that's kind of where the story comes from," says Wallace.

    Now, the producers hope the success of this film and its Dallas-based film company, can bring more movie making magic to the Metroplex.

    "Dallas and Texas in general are starting to attract more and more film work. Bishop Jakes and I were very involved with Governor  Perry over the last couple years getting Texas' first film incentive put in place and that's really going to open the door to let us start to bring more production," says Wallace.

    "Jumping The Broom" is the company's third film, and producers say they have more movies coming out, including a thriller they are shooting in Louisiana. Tracey Edmonds, Glendon Palmer, Elizabeth Hunter, and Salim Akil co-produced the movie with Bishop Jakes and Wallace.