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Dad Shot Digging Pool for His 5 Kids



    Dad Shot Digging Pool for His 5 Kids
    Domin Family Photo
    Michael Domin, a Rowlett husband and father of five, was is mysteriously shot in the back while he was digging in his backyard to build a pool.

    A Rowlett husband and father of five is fighting for his life after he was mysteriously shot while working in his backyard.

    Investigators suspect a stray .22 caliber bullet pierced Michael Domin in the back as he was digging to build a pool.

    “We were watching a movie, and then, all of a sudden, he came into the kitchen with a hole in his back and was bleeding,” said his 12-year-old daughter, Maddie Domin.

    Rowlett police said they don’t believe the shooting was intentional and are trying to figure out where the bullet came from.

    “When I spoke to the detective, he said it was like getting struck by lightning twice,” said Domin’s sister, Lorraine Maleeny.

    Rowlett police say they are eyeing the nearby Garland Public Shooting Range as the origin of the bullet.

    But because of how the bullet is lodged in Domin’s body, doctors have yet to remove it.

    “I think this is a freak accident," Maleeny said. "You never know what's going to hit you and have to appreciate what you have every day."

    Domin is in intensive care at Plano Medical Center. Maddie Domin said she was able to visit with him.

    “He kept saying, 'I love you,' to me, and I kept crying,” she said.