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DPD Releases Details of Former TCU Players' Arrests



    DPD Releases Details of Former TCU Players' Arrests
    Cory Grant, Stephen Hodge, and Jerry Hughes (left to right), were arrested by Dallas police on charges of public intoxication.

    Dallas police have released the arrest reports detailing why they arrested three former Texas Christian University football stars earlier this month.

    Officers arrested Cory Grant, 23, Jerry Hughes, 22, and Stephen Hodge, 24, on July 17, which was also Hodge's birthday.

    Police said officers were called to a nightclub at 1300 Main Street, because one of the three didn't want to give up a bottle of liquor and leave the club at closing time.

    Officers said when they arrived the disturbance spilled onto the sidewalk. When officers approached, Hughes and Hodge grabbed Grant and said they were leaving.

    After working to disperse the crowd outside the club, officers said they heard yelling a block away and they witnessed the argument starting to get physical.

    As they started to arrest Grant, officers say Hughes tried to step in and pull him away from them. Police said Hughes didn't listen to commands to back away and was arrested.

    Police said Hodge then walked over and was told three times to stop and walk away, and when he didn't listen an officer shot him in the face with pepper spray. Dallas Fire-Rescue treated Hodge, then he was taken to jail.

    Grant, Hughes and Hodge were all charged with public intoxication.

    Hodge was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys in the sixth round of the 2009 NFL Draft. After a season-ending injury, he was released from Cowboys in November.

    Hughes was the first round pick for the Indianapolis Colts in the 2010 NFL Draft.