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DPD: Missing Woman Found

Dallas police confirm they have found Elia Beltran



    Missing Woman Found After Escaping Abductors

    Elia Beltran, who was reported missing Tuesday, was found after she escaped her abductors. (Published Wednesday, July 25, 2012)

    A local woman missing for more than 24 hours is safe after she managed to escape her captors and call for help.

    Police say a man abducted Elia Beltran and her friend as they left a club in west Oak Cliff early Tuesday morning.

    The abductors dropped off the other girl and hour later, but Beltran was nowhere to be found until she called 911 from Grand Prairie begging for help.

    Officers say Beltran is strong and that she's a survivor. Grand Prairie police said she jumped out of her captors car on the 1700-block of West Main Street and ran to a nearby business for help. 
    It’s been a traumatic 24 hours, but she’s alive.

    “The caller indicated she was a kidnapping victim from Dallas.  She indicated her captors were nearby and escaped,” said Det. Lyle Gensler, with the Grand Prairie Police Department.

    It’s the call police and Beltran’s family have been waiting for -- giving them any word from the Arlington 20-year-old that she was OK.

    Grand Prairie officers rushed to her rescue.

    “They were not only able to locate her, but the three people she escaped from,” said Gensler.

    Police said Beltran had been leaving the El Rio Disco in Oak Cliff with a friend when a man forced the women into Beltran’s SUV. He then forced them to drive around for an hour while he demanded money.  Eventually, Beltran's friend was abandoned in East Dallas.

    Police are still trying to uncover what Beltran’s been through since that time.

    “She was very emotionally distraught over the incident that happened that day.  We were able to calm her down,” said Gensler.

    Her mom, Elia Gonzales, told NBC 5 that her daughter is doing OK and was taken to Parkland Hospital to be checked out.

    Gonzales is relieved that her daughter escaped from her kidnapper’s grasp.

    “My heart and soul goes out to her and her family.  She’s going to be emotionally scarred over the event,” Gensler said.

    Police found Beltran’s green Ford Explorer in the woods near Duncanville behind Mountain View College.

    Right now investigators are not releasing the names of the accused kidnappers, but said they’ve arrested two men and a woman. 

    “It’s not really a happy ending. At least we found her and there’s three individuals in custody,” said Gensler.

    The suspects will see a judge in Grand Prairie, then the marshals will transport then to the jail in Dallas.