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DISD Trustees Vote to Extend Hinojosa's Contract



    DISD Trustees Vote to Extend Hinojosa's Contract
    DISD trustees have extended Superintendent Michael Hinojosa's contract until June 2015.

    The Dallas Independent School District school board narrowly voted Thursday to extend its superintendent's contract.

    Superintendent Micheal Hinojosa's contract with DISD was set to expire in 2012, but the Board of Trustees voted 5-4 to extend it until June 2015.

    The extension does not include a pay raise, keeping Hinojosa's salary at roughly $328,000. Last year, trustees voted against extending his contract.

    Eric Cowan, Nancy Bingham, Adam Medrano, Jack Lowe and Edwin Flores voted "yes" Thursday on the extension. Bruce Parrott, Lew Blackburn, Carla Ranger and Bernadette Nutall voted "no."

    Hinojosa is one of two finalists for the Clark County School District's top job in Las Vegas. Dwight Jones, commissioner for the Colorado Department of Education, is the other finalist.

    Hinojosa joined Thursday's school board meeting as it was in progress. When he found out the vote was 5-4, he said he wasn't flattered by the close vote.

    When asked if he'd take the job in Clark County if it was offered to him, Hinojosa said it's too early too tell.

    "Let me tell you this. I had a great day, I had a great interview, and I found nothing that scared me away from that job," he said. "I can just tell you this right now: There was nothing that I looked or heard or saw that dissuade me from still being a candidate. So obviously, I'm still considering it at this time."

    The Clark County School District board interviewed Hinojosa earlier on Thursday.

    The district is expected to make a decision Wednesday.