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Nachos Out, Hummus In at DISD

Nachos out, hummus in



    Nachos Out, Hummus In at DISD
    Hummus, anyone?

    When I was in public school, our lunch choices were slop, glop, and gruel, with some sort of alleged fish on Fridays. Probably guppy. 

    The Dallas Independent School District, though, takes steps this coming school year to raise the nutritional bar in the district lunchrooms. It’s instituted a plan to serve up more healthful foods so students will nosh on a more balanced diet rather than ingest empty calories.

    According to the district, lunch ladies will dish up fewer breaded items and “pre-fried” foods, which must have meant “raw” if the food was served before frying.

    Nachos are off the menu, replaced by dishes such as black bean burgers — and do you want fries with that … oh, never mind — Asian chicken bowls, and hummus.

    Hummus … now there’s a sure favorite among the kids because it just looks so appealing. Probably, in the eyes of most kids, not far removed from glop.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. He remembers the first time he had hummus as if it were his last … because it was.