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DART Now Open to Beer, Wine Ads

Board member calls for neighborhood sensitivity by advertisers



    DART Now Open to Beer, Wine Ads

    by Bruce Felps

    DART held out as long as financially possible against allowing ads for adult beverages on its vehicles because, well, those ads and those products are just unseemly.

    But reduced revenue and emptying coffers brought a new day to DART board members who, according to an item at Unfair Park, earlier this week voted to allow such advertisements on its trains and buses, but not the stations and stops, mind you.

    Even with the board’s approval the idea still seemed a bit unseemly to board member Pamela Dunlop Gates, who was quoted as saying, be careful where those ads run because “self regulation does not work in communities of color, historically and speaking from personal experience and not hearsay."

    Um, wow? Is she saying that residents in “communities of color” will run amok and drink up every container of beer and wine they can get their hands on if they see an ad for a Coors product?

    Certainly that’s a case of exaggerating a concept to make a point. Certainly.

    Bruce Felps owns and operatesEast Dallas Times, an online community news outlet serving the White Rock Lake area. Bureaucrats just puzzle him.