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Crunch Time for Candidates in State Senate Race

The race between Democratic State Senator Wendy Davis and challenger Republican State Rep. Mark Shelton is being watched statewide



    Both candidates had a busy Sunday campaigning and making public appearances at area events. (Published Sunday, Nov. 4, 2012)

    The implications are huge in this race.  If State Representative Dr. Mark Shelton wins, Republicans will be within one seat of a two-thirds supermajority which means they could pass laws with the support of just one Democrat.

    NBC 5 met up with both candidates Sunday for just a few minutes.  Each said they liked their chances in this tight race.  Neither mentioned their opponent.

    We asked both about what they consider the biggest issues facing Texas. For State Senator Wendy Davis, education.

    "We have to restore the investment in public education," said Davis.  "We know our classroom sizes are overcrowded.  Many teachers lost their jobs after the five-and-a-half billion dollar cuts that went into place in the last legislative session and our kids' education is suffering."

    "I think the biggeset issues facing Texas right now are jobs and the economy," said Shelton.  "Making sure we have responsible spending, taxation and regulation on the part of state government so businesses and familiies can grow and prosper."

    The race between these candidates is being watched across the state.  We should know late Tuesday night if a Democratic senator in a right-leaning district can win again or if a Republican wins that seat.