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Crime Alert Near White Rock Lake



    A warning for folks who frequent White Rock Lake, thieves are targeting cars left in the parking lot along West Lawther Drive. (Published Friday, May 23, 2014)

    If you're planning to go to White Rock Lake, police are warning that thieves are targeting cars in broad daylight.

    "30 minutes, 30 minutes," said Kristen Meyers of Dallas.

    That's all the time it took for a thief to smash her window and run off with her purse on Thursday morning.

    Her car was one of four burglarized in the span of an hour at White Rock Lake. She was parked in the lot along the 4600 block of W Lawther Drive.

    "They probably took something and pushed it in," said Meyers.

    Meyers said she left her purse in the front of the car, but had it covered. When she returned, her window was shattered, just like the image of this serene Dallas spot.

    "I was running," she explained, "I just kept looking at the beautiful houses, and was like 'oh my gosh, I would love to build a house like this someday,' and, you know you get to your car and it's like 'how does this happen in a place like White Rock?"

    Meyers believes someone may have been watching her, because she pointed out, she was gone for such a brief amount of time.

    "Next time, I won't take anything with me, besides my license and maybe my phone," she said.

    Meyers admitted she did have an auxiliary chord out, to plug her iPod in. Police said that's a dead giveaway there may be something valuable in your car.