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Cowboys Stadium vs. Lucas Oil Stadium

Is There Any Contest Between The Two Facilities?



    Cowboys Stadium vs. Lucas Oil Stadium
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    Cowboys Stadium at dusk. Is there really any greater NFL stadium in the country?

    They are two of the most impressive temples in the NFL.. Cowboys Stadium in Arlington and Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.


    One is a sleek tribute to the legend of Texas Stadium.  The other, a modern take on the classic Indiana field house. Lucas Oil Stadium looks old on the outside but inside it is state of the art.  The building is basically brand new. It opened in 2008 just one year before Cowboys Stadium.


    By the numbers, it is no contest. Almost everything about Cowboys Stadium is bigger. 80,000 seats versus 67,000. 3-million square feet to 1.8 million at Lucas Oil Stadium.  A 1.3 billion dollar price tag compared to 720 million dollars in Indiana.


    As different as this stadium is from Cowboys Stadium... the two facilities have something very significant in common.  They were both designed by the HKS architectural firm... which is based in Dallas.


    Both buildings have a retractable roof and Cowboys Stadium has retractable doors in the end zone.