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Cowboys Stadium Painted with Light

Stadium lighting shut off for the first time ever



    Thousands Light Up Cowboys Stadium For "Big Shot"

    NBC 5's Andres Gutierrez reports on RIT's Big Shot project to shoot a picture of Cowboys Stadium with thousands of volunteers. (Published Saturday, March 23, 2013)

    Saturday’s dreary weather cooperated for organizers of a large scale photo shoot and for the first time ever, every single light at Cowboys stadium was shut off.
    The shoot is part of a project called the “Big Shot" organized by the Rochester Institute of Technology (R.I.T). 

    2,430 people from across north Texas, the nation and the world participated for Saturday’s shoot.
    With different lights sources, participants used a technique called painting with light. The technique requires volunteers to shine a light source at Cowboy stadium as a 30 second exposure at F16 at ISO 400 photograph was taken.
    A series of four photographs were taken Saturday night. 
    “[Watching the teams come] to help us light is really--very heartening for me to see that and to have it come to life," said Bill DuBois, one of the project's organizers and professor emeritus at R.I.T.
    In years past they've lit the Alamo, however Cowboys Stadium is the project's 28th shoot and their biggest ever.