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    Courageous Kid: Jude Hass
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    Jude Hass plays the drums in his Allen, Texas home.

    Jude Hass was born to perform on a countless number of platforms. He's active in the North Texas Performing Arts program, where he's learned a variety of instruments including drums and guitar.

    "That's my new guitar I got for my birthday," Jude said before he played the guitar at his dad's house in Allen.

    "I play different types of songs like Luke Bryan, Justin Bieber, Rihanna," Jude said.

    He also said he liked to play his guitar and create original lyrics while he sings.

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    "Anything where he's got an audience is where he's going to excel," said Brandon Hass, Jude's dad. "He sort of thrives off that energy from a crowd and really just enjoys being the center of attention."

    Jude also thrives in front of the camera.

    "To get my serious face, crazy face, get my postures," he said.

    He's a model who breaks barriers. In 2016, Jude walked the runway during New York Fashion Week and was the first male model with Down syndrome to ever accomplish that goal.

    "I was excited! My brain was pumped!" Jude said.

    "For an artist, for a musician, for a writer, for anyone creative you get told, 'no' a lot and he never lets that shut him down," Brandon said. "He just takes the 'no' and keeps going to the next audition, or next interview, whatever it may be. So, it's really inspiring to see him just not give up and just continue to fight for it."

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    Jude's modeling career has now grown into acting, including a role as a bus boy in a video about inclusion.

    "One of his goals has always been to help other kids with special needs," Brandon said. "So, that sort of selfless approach -- I think is really special for him."

    Jude is a junior in high school and his immediate goal is to get a job in clothing and design, but he has a lot to offer any industry.

    "He's very excited about having a job and I know how his mind works so when he's passionate about something he really does give it his all," Brandon said.

    Jude is an example that combining passion with hard work means anything is possible and all dreams are achievable.

    If you'd like to follow Jude's journey, his Instagram page is called The Jude Squad.

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