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Couple Flying High After 65 Years of Wedded Bliss



    Couple Flying High After 65 Years of Wedded Bliss
    Grace and Lowell Peacock say their marriage is still flying high after 65 years.

    Lowell Peacock, 86, still remembers what drew first drew him to his wife 71 years ago.

    "She had beautiful black hair," he said. "Now it's salt and pepper, but there's a lot of miles in between then and now. But she did have pretty hair."

    The couple met in their hometown of Port Arthur, Texas. The two went to the same church, and Lowell Peacock spotted his cousin with her.

    "He come running over to meet me and that night he asked me to sit with him in church and from that night on, he sat with me every time," Grace Peacock said, laughing.

    Couple Celebrates 65th Wedding Anniversary

    [DFW] Couple Celebrates 65th Wedding Anniversary
    Grace and Lowell Peacock are two Texas lovebirds who today celebrate 65 years of marital bliss. They attribute laughter, their faith and ability to not hold grudges as reasons for their long and happy marriage.
    (Published Thursday, Aug. 5, 2010)

    The couple has never been apart, except for the time he spent in the serving in the Navy.

    "I was 14, and he was 15 when we started going together, and I never had a date with another boy," she said.

    Lowell Peacock entered the Navy and went to basic training with a famous movie star.

    "I was 18, and this movie star was 20 years older than me. It was Henry Fonda -- you might probably have heard of him and his daughter," he said. "He was a real gentlemen and real athletic and a fine person. I'm always proud to tell people that that's who I went through basic training in the Navy with."

    The couple married in a quickie wedding before he was shipped out to fight Japan during World War II.

    "He called me and wanted me to come to California and marry him, so I did, against my parents' wishes," she said.

    The Peacocks have three children, five grandchildren and one great-grandchild. The lovebirds are celebrating 65 years of wedded bliss.

    Lowell Peacock still remembers the advice his father gave him to get through the tough times.

    "If I wanted to get along, learn to say, 'Yes, ma'am,'" he said with a smile.

    "But he doesn't say it very often," his wife said.

    The secret to their long marriage could be the laughter they always seem to share, but the Peacocks also say they never hold a grudge.

    The couple also said their faith got them through the tough times.