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Corinth Residents Blame Flooding on New Development



    Corinth Residents Blame Flooding on New Development

    Homeowners in Corinth say they're frustrated with flooding problems from a nearby development. (Published Saturday, March 23, 2019)

    Storms could cause more problems for homeowners in Corinth after their backyards became a river during a recent storm.

    One homeowner said it's causing major damage to her house on Clark Drive.

    The problem, Francis Fernandez said, is bad drainage. It's been an issue for years, but homeowners said a now dormant development that started a couple years ago made matters worse.

    "I have anxiety. I don't sleep," Fernandez explained. "If it's going to rain now I'm thinking, 'Okay, what can happen to the house?'" she said.

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    Home video she recorded showed what happened after a recent storm.

    The backyards of her and her two neighbors' homes were buried under a foot of water.

    She said flooding has caused huge foundation issues, along with cracks in her walls -- inside and out.

    Now, Fernandez is drowning in paperwork to get it all fixed.

    "Paperwork, time, I'm going to drain apparently on money as well because somebody's going to take my money, I have to fix my foundation. I have to fix my ceiling," she said.

    Water from the development runs downhill towards a drain that she said easily overflows, straight into her backyard.

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    "My biggest fear is coming home and my house be with a big old hole in the roof or the walls because my foundation just completely moved," Fernandez said.

    Corinth City Council member Scott Garber said in an email the solution to the flooding is complex due to drainage easements and a water pipe that belongs to the Upper Trinity Water District.

    "I am confident that staff is working towards a solution with the developer and the homeowner. This will include delaying permits until the drainage concerns are corrected. We will continue to stay in close contact with the homeowners and developer until the development is completed," Garber wrote.

    The project's engineer said the project was recently redesigned to address flooding concerns.

    "Unfortunately, unbeknownst to the city of Corinth, the developer and myself, there is a large water line (owned the Upper Trinity Regional Water District) running right behind 2601 Clark (inside the property being developed) that caused the construction to stop until the project could be redesigned to accommodate the water line," wrote Jim Dewey, Jr. with JDJR Engineers & Consultants, Inc.

    Dewey said construction will resume soon.

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    The redesign, he said, would include replacing a portion of the existing underground storm drain pipe through Fernandez's property.

    "I'm the middle person and I shouldn't be," Fernandez said.

    Dewey said Corinth city staff is requesting a meeting with all parties involved before construction resumes.

    "Once the construction is complete, the drainage system installed at the developer's cost will solve the drainage problems that currently exist. All parties are sympathetic to the homeowner's concerns, and all parties are working to get the new system constructed as soon as possible," Dewey wrote.

    The project's developer didn't immediately respond to NBC 5's request for comment.

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