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Cops Say Man Snatched Woman’s Purse in Stolen Car



    Cops Say Man Snatched Woman’s Purse in Stolen Car
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    The owners of a popular supermarket chain are closing five stores, according to a published report.

    A grocery store employee helped police catch the man who snatched a woman’s purse in the store’s parking lot, Fort Worth police said.

    According to officers, a 58-year-old shopper was walking to her car in the Albertson’s parking lot at 6700 West Freeway around 8 p.m. Saturday when a man pulled a the car he was driving beside her and snatched her purse.

    The man then drove the black Oldsmobile out of the parking lot and down Interstate 30 towards downtown Fort Worth.

    A store employee who saw everything unfold jumped in his vehicle and followed the purse snatcher, FWPD said. While he was following the ne’er-do-well, the employee called police and let them know what happened and where he was.

    Shortly after the purse snatcher exited Cherry Street, he got in some sort of collision.  Instead of staying in his car, the suspect ran away on foot; but Fort Worth police officers said by that time they weren’t far behind.

    They were able to arrest the suspect and return the purse to its rightful owner.

    The names of the suspect, the victim or the Albertsons employee haven’t been released.  By the way, police said the car he used to steal the woman’s purse was also stolen.