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Coppell ISD Considers Dropping Students Rankings



    Coppell ISD Considers Dropping Students Rankings
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    If you're not in the Top 10 ... ranking doesn't matter to Coppell.

    The Coppell Independent School District is looking at getting rid of class rankings.

    The state mandates that schools still designate if students are in the Top 10 percent so that they can gain automatic admission into most state universities, but Coppell ISD is considering not ranking students that fall below the mark.

    Tamerah Ringo, spokesperson for the district, said Coppell is a very competitive district. Ringo said some kids might fall in the 11 percentile, but still have a very high GPA because of the competitiveness.

    Trustees have held several open meetings to hear parents and students concerns. Trustees want to know if not ranking students below the 10 percent mark will effect their chances of getting scholarships and how it will effect the admissions process.

    The district has set up a committee of students, parents and staff to look into the plans. The district will vote on what to do on June 21.

    Coppell isn't the only district with this idea, Highland Park ISD already dropped the rankings.