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Kooky, Crazy Donations on Display

Goodwill celebrates Industry Week



    Kooky, Crazy Donations on Display

    To celebrate Goodwill Industry Week, the organization has pulled some of its wackiest donations for our viewing pleasure.

    "I really appreciate these, because it's all in good humor -- putting these out there, because they're great," said Goodwill retail manager David Cox.

    The unusual items on display include: a live hand grenade, a suitcase containing a fake decomposed leg and a jacket that was donated with $5,000 in the inner pocket (later returned to the original owner).

    Goodwill provides training for the disabled and people who are having a hard time finding a job, and the organization said it couldn't do that without donations.

    Goodwill Never Knows What It Will Find

    [DFW] Goodwill Never Knows What It Will Find
    From bones to ashes to creepy dolls, the sorters at Goodwill never know what they might find.
    (Published Tuesday, May 4, 2010)

    "The point is, Goodwill really needs people's donations," Cox said. "We really need the support of the community, whether they are odd donations or the great donations we get every day that support the mission of Goodwill."

    He said it gets 20 million pounds of donations each year, so some of the items are bound to be a little crazy.

    But donation sorter Carla Hatfield said that's what makes her job fun.

    "It’s just, you never know what you're going to find here," she said. "I guess that's what makes the job so interesting."

    The items are on display at the Fort Worth Goodwill until May 8.