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Convicted Inmate Confesses to Crime Spree

Imprisoned man confesses to



    Shocking jailhouse confessions have the Fort Worth Cold Case unit working overtime hoping to locate victims of one man's crime spree.

    Billy Wallace is serving life in prison, plus 20 years for stabbing his prison psychiatrist and other crimes. A few years ago Wallace sent a letter to detectives in the Fort Worth Police Department's Cold Case Unit asking them to come visit him for information about crimes he committed in the 1980s.

    Cold case Detective Manny Reyes visited Wallace multiple times, each time learning of a new case.

    Reyes said Wallace would share the intimate details of his crime spree, but it was his confession to shooting Lloyd Tobin in 1986, that is opening old wounds for family members.

    Cold Case Catches a Break

    [DFW] Cold Case Catches a Break
    A man serving life in prison says he's responsible for crime spree that spanned more than two decades.
    (Published Thursday, Jan. 20, 2011)

    Rachel Juarez was 17 when her brother Lloyd was shot and killed at Lake Worth. Tobin was spending time with family and friends when he was approached by Wallace and later fatally shot according to police.

    Juarez was on her way to meet her brother but says she was too late, now she lives with the pain of his death but the peace that his killer is already behind bars. "How can you be such a cruel man to take somebody's life, he was a father, uncle, a loving person, a dad," said an emotional Juarez.

    Juarez says she is relieved by the confession, but still wonders why Wallace waited until now to talk. "There's always that 'why,' maybe he confessed because he knows one day he will meet his maker," said Juarez.

    Wallace also confessed to strangling and stabbing Alicia Richardson in an alley behind the 2700 block of Meadowbrook Drive, in Fort Worth. He met her at a nearby club in 1994. Richardson is survived by an ex-husband and son, who have also both been notified according to police.

    Those weren't his only confessions, when neighbors upset Wallace, he told police he turned to arson and admits burning down both their homes. He was never charged but police were able to confirm that story too.

    The latest confession about a shooting spree on North Loop 820  has police looking for victims.

    Wallace told police he had road rage and shot a woman on North Loop 820, near Tarrant Community College and also shot a male in the face near the same area in the 1980s.

    "Now what we can do, since I do know this is a true fact from what Billy has told us, those two people there can get closure about who did this to them and I can tell them why," said Reyes.

    Reyes, says he believes Wallace because he was once arrested for shooting at another car in a fit of rage back in the 80s.

    Meanwhile, Detective Reyes doesn't believe the confessions will stop there.