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Church Mourns Member's Death in Haiti

Church remembers a family member



    Church Mourns Member's Death in Haiti

    Every member of the Highland Park United Methodist Church missionary group is now back from Haiti. The group lost one person in Tuesday’s earthquake

    The tragedy in Haiti was top of mind for many people at Sunday’s church services. As people filed out of this morning's service, a few wanted to make their condolences known.

    "My heart just goes out to their families and I just can't imagine what they're going through right now," said Tyson Deklavs.

    "My heart went out to the team, to the people in Haiti and also to the family of the lady that gave her life for others," said Diana Millenbaugh.

    Jean Arnwine had a heart attack on the plane on the way back home from Haiti. But the message from the pastor was that despite the tragedy, the church needed to continue trying to help the people of Haiti.

    "They made a good point that she would have wanted to get right back on the next plane there," said church member Brook Deklavs.

    Dr. Gary Fish arrived in Dallas late Saturday night with the body of Jean Arnwine according to church spokesperson Kim Gifford. Fish was released from the hospital with a fractured sternum according to the church's Web site.

    Church Remembers Lost Team Member

    [DFW] Church Remembers Lost Team Member
    Highland Park United Methodist Church spent Sunday remembering a lost member and the people of Haiti.
    (Published Sunday, Jan. 17, 2010)

    Now all 11 team members are home, getting some much needed rest.

    Pictures from after the quake are being released, and people said it was hard seeing a tragedy so far away hit so close to home.

    Church spokesperson Kim Gifford said the whole situation has really been a mixed blessing.

    "We've got this really heavy air of sorrow for Jean and everybody is just so saddened and heartbroken about that and then the flip side is that we've got 11 of our 12 home," Gifford said.

    Jean Arwine's funeral will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 20 at 2:00 p.m. at Highland Park United Methodist Church.