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Church Offers Seminar on "Active Shooters"



    Hundreds of churchgoers are gathered in Dallas for lessons on how to fight back if a gunman enters their church. (Published Wednesday, March 6, 2013)

    Hundreds of churchgoers gathered in at the Winspear Opera House in Dallas on Wednesday – but not for lessons on turning the other cheek, instead they were learning what to do in the case of an "active shooter."

    The FBI Citizens Academy talked to Texas church members and police officers about what to do if an armed gunman comes into a school, office or church.

    They also gave tips on how to recognize someone who may turn violent.

    "A lot of times people feel like these things can’t happen where they are. They can," said Franklin County Sheriff’s Deputy Chris Delobel. "These things can happen any place, any time. You don't want to be paranoid. You don't want to scare people. But you have to be realistic. You have to be aware. And you have to plan."

    The FBI and Department of Homeland Security both offer advice on what to do in an active shooting situation. To watch the DHS video, CLICK HERE.