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Church Members Lose Money After Parking Lot Repaving Job Doesn't Hold Up



    Church Members Lose Money After Parking Lot Repaving Job

    Members of a small Fort Worth church say they paid for their parking lot to be repaved, but the lot is in even worse shape than before. (Published Monday, Feb. 5, 2018)

    As you walk up to Love Sanctuary Church in Fort Worth, the sign right out front lets you know they're looking for a miracle.

    The problem is happening at their feet after a $12,000 repaving project of the church parking lot left the surface sticky and peeling away.

    It was a deal church members thought was the answer to their prayers.

    "We had a gentleman come by two years ago and offer to help us. We thought this man was from god," said church member Jimmie Florence. "He said he was a little country guy who loved the Lord."

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    The man told them he was offering a significant discount to repair their old lot, which was cracking.

    It took the church two years to save the $12,000, and the man said he was still ready to help. Just days after they finished raising the money, he came back with construction equipment and got to work.

    "He said it would dry, and it didn't dry. And we knew then we were in trouble," Florence said.

    You can run your foot along the pavement and it would crumble to pieces.

    Calls back to the man weren't returned.

    The church members made a mistake by not having a real contract with this mystery man. All he gave them was a business card.

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    The address was a self-storage place, and NBC 5 tried calling the number on the card for weeks before a woman answered and told us the man who did the pavement job had died.

    There's no business, no corporation to hold accountable for the $12,000 the church members spent for this.

    "I'm really hurt. I don't know what to do, they church doesn't know what to do," Florence. said

    They can't fix the parking lot. They just don't have the money in this small neighborhood church. Despite all they've been through, they're supporting one another and trusting in their faith.

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