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Copper Thieves Cause $20K in Damage at Church

Thieves took off with the video from the surveillance system



    Thieves stole copper from the Holy Cross Catholic Church in Dallas and then ransacked the sanctuary. Parishioners believe they caused at least $20,000 in damages. (Published Friday, Sept. 28, 2012)

    A church that has been around since 1956 is dealing with its worse break-in to date.

    Sometime between Thursday night and Friday morning, police say at least two thieves broke into Holy Cross Catholic Church on Bonnie View Road, in Dallas.

    The thieves broke through wire fences, to get to the copper in the air conditioning units. Parishioners believe the damage will cost about $20,000.

    There were surveillance cameras outside the church, the thieves ripped those down, and took the tape from inside the office, leaving no trace, but a mess.

    They ransacked the church’s offices.

    "I guess someone broke through that window, came in here and dumped stuff out of these boxes and these file cabinets, went through the desk drawers," said Father Tim Gollob.

    Gollob has been a priest at the church for more than 40 years.

    "Over the 43 years they'll break in here, break in over there or they'll take this or take that air conditioner," he said. This break-in, however, he thinks will be more costly.

    Still, despite the break-in, despite the damaged air conditioners, service will be held on Sunday.

    "We just keep on going like an old grand river, we just keep rolling along," he said.