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Child's Christmas Wish Comes True

Girl's Santa letter: all I want is my dognapped puppy



    Child's Christmas Wish Comes True
    Brooke Botello, 7, says she is "certain" Santa can bring home her stolen puppy Rosita.

    A 7-year-old Parker County girl's Christmas wish came true Tuesday, her mother said.

    Brooke Botello wrote to Santa saying she only wants one thing this Christmas -- the return of her pet puppy.

    "I know it will work,” she said.

    A week ago, Brooke Botello’s mother said she saw a man in a pickup truck snatch Rosita, her 6-month-old English bulldog, from the street in front of the family's home.

    Brooke said life wasn’t the same without her four-legged playmate. Sitting in the back seat of the family’s car after unsuccessfully checking a shelter for Rosita, Brooke put pen to paper.

    "I said, 'Dear Santa, (what) I really want for Christmas is for Rosita to come home. So please try your best, Santa. I believe you. So please bring her back. Please. Love, Brooke."

    Brook's mother said someone turned the dog in to the Hudson Oaks Police Department and the family was very happy to be reunited with their pet.