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Chemical Cloud Causes Concern In Garland



    Chemical Cloud Causes Concern In Garland

    Two Garland firefighters were checked out at a local hospital after responding to a chemical cloud that drifted from a Garland business late Saturday night.  No employees or residents were reportedly injured.

    Garland Fire Department public information officer Merrill Balanciere said firefighters were called to the MAPEI Corpration in the 1500 block of Wall Street at about 9 p.m. Saturday.

    Balanciere said some employees were discarding some chemicals that they use every day when two chemicals that should not have been mixed were placed together in a vat.

    A chemical cloud formed which took an hour to dissipate.

    The wind blew the cloud toward a McDonald's restaurant along nearby Garland Road. Balanciere said it was immediately closed as a precaution. A nearby Conoco gas station and another restaurant were also evacuated.

    Balanciere said two Garland firefighters were sent to the hospital to be checked out. But they were not admitted and sent home.

    Fire trucks began clearing the scene at about 10:15 p.m.

    According to the MAPEI website:

    Our surface preparation products condition floors and walls for the optimal installation of tile, carpet, wood, vinyl and decorative concrete. Our installation products include mortars, grouts, adhesives and admixtures that ensure customers’ satisfaction with any floor covering they choose.